A well kept secret downtown Chicago spot for your event!

We had such a pleasant surprise last weekend, when we performed at the Holiday Inn Merchandise Mart martplaza.com   It had been a long time since we were there–so long that my memory was a bit fuzzy, but for some reason, I had been previously underwhelmed by it.  However, last Saturday night, I was pleasantly impressed with this little hidden gem.  First of all, they had extremely prompt & friendly Valet Service, always a HUGE plus for any of your guests visiting from the suburbs.  All the Hotel services are on the 15th floor, a quick elevator ride.  The entire south wall of the 15th floor is floor to ceiling windows, including one wall of the Ballroom & the view is one of the best in the city!  We were treated to a city sunset that was remarkable.  The Ballroom was medium sized with a private foyer & was intimate without being claustrophobic, thanks to that window to the city.   Because of it’s location, this is not the kind of Hotel that attracts the walk-in public, so you have all the convenience of a Hotel, but you have very much of a Private feeling here. 

The staff was efficient & extremely accommodating.  When we can easily work with the staff at any facility, it makes for a mutually successful venture for everyone, including our Clients!  On the same level as the Ballroom, they have a fantastic bar, the perfect place for guests to gather at the end of the night, before being able to go up to their hotel rooms.  Additionally, on the same level, they have a restaurant called Italiasia, with cuisine to match it’s name.  The food was great & another plus for your guests staying the night.  If you want a downtown location & you would like a beautiful view, a feeling of privacy & the convenience of a Hotel, this may be the place for you!