Beginning the Joyous Season

Those of us in Chicago, always take a deep breath when entering the hectic Holiday Season: so much anticipation of fun, family & friends, but of course, we have to contend with the elements!  I love Chicago, being native-born, but when you have hundreds of Performers going in hundreds of different directions, there is always concern that the weather is going to challenge your resolve regarding “The Show Must Go On!”

However, professional musicians & Performing Artists are more tenacious than the proverbial Mail Man: neither snow, nor rain, nor dark of night, etc.   I have lost count of the number of calls we’ve had, following a major weather system hitting on a big weekend night, when the client said something like: “You know, a majority of guests couldn’t make it, but your people were there!!”  

I think most performers realize, not only are they an important part of a party, but appreciate that their services have been contracted.  They do everything they possible can to be there.  It always amazes me & makes me proud.