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Summer Event Temptations

Who doesn’t love a summer party?  The gardens are in bloom, the temperatures balmy, everything is green & your clothes are light weight.  I certainly don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but if you’re thinking this is the perfect time to have your event, let me alert you to a few of the pitfalls… Read more »

You can’t have “The Blues” in “The House”

We’re still buzzed about our performance at The House of Blues here in Chicago!  (     We do a phenomenal Show which we call The Chicago Music Revue, incorporating our musicians doing selections from the band Chicago (as good as the original band, if I do say so myself), numbers by the Blues sensation Pistol Pete &… Read more »

Beginning the Joyous Season

Those of us in Chicago, always take a deep breath when entering the hectic Holiday Season: so much anticipation of fun, family & friends, but of course, we have to contend with the elements!  I love Chicago, being native-born, but when you have hundreds of Performers going in hundreds of different directions, there is always… Read more »

Holiday Entertainment!

It (can be) the most wonderful time of the year!  Even though we sometimes have to contend with our Chicago weather.  As we put away the remaining summer clothes (we never know, do we?!?), check to see if we have one pair of matching gloves & bring out the heavy coats, we must also think… Read more »

Our Gala at the Art Institute

It’s always wonderful to perform at the wonderful iconic Chicago landmarks.   As I walked by the lions guarding the entrance to the Art Institute, it reminded me how lucky I am to be performing music in Chicago.  So many people associate  Chicago with blues, but we have some of the greatest musicians in residence, performing… Read more »

The John Williams Experience

               He’s received five Academy Awards & forty-eight nominations, making him the Academy’s second most nominated person in the history of the Oscars.  He’s had a forty year artistic partnership with Stephen Spielberg & he penned the themes from Star Wars, Close Encounters, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Memoirs of a Giesha, Lincoln,… Read more »

Camp Quality

The Dan Hayes Orchestra recently performed for a truly great cause.  Camp Quality serves children with cancer and their families by providing year-round programs, experiences and companionship, at no cost.  We had a wonderful, inspirational evening with all of the wonderful children and their loved ones.

Speakeasy Event

We had a great event this week providing The Dan Hayes Orchestra, and our wonderful Flappers & Gangsters for our client’s Speakeasy Casino Event at the Chicago Hilton!

Lori & Rick Wedding

Thank you, SO MUCH for playing at our wedding on Friday.  The music was beyond superb and your amazing band absolutely MADE our celebration.  Wish we could do it all again.  Thanks a million. Lorin & Rick

Martin Short & The Dan Hayes Orchestra

The Dan Hayes Orchestra recently performed with the very funny and talented Martin Short for the Make-A-Wish Gala.  Martin Short is a gifted actor, comedian, writer and singer.  We really enjoyed being a part of an unforgettable night for such a great cause.