Choosing the Right facility for your event

When planning a Special Event in a large Metropolitan place like Chicago, you are awash in choices of location.  There are a few things common sense criteria to consider: 

First: Do you have a lot of out of town guests?  If you do, then a hotel may be at the top of your list of considerations.  Most Hotels offer a Ballroom, discount to your guests, a Honeymoon Suite (if it’s a wedding your planning) & maybe even discounted parking for your guests.  You have the option of all your activities, i.e. meetings, Ceremony/Reception, hospitality etc.  in one place.  You also tempt people from the suburbs that don’t want to attend your event, then drive home.  They can stay for the night & not worry.  Hotels have the advantage of in-house food to choose from, to fit whatever your budget.  Lots of pluses.

Second:  Are a lot of your guests from the surrounding area?  If you are thinking of a “downtown” choice for your location, it may be difficult for the embedded suburbanites to navigate in the city.  It will be added expenses for them, the least of which is parking.   This can be very intimidating for many people.

Thirdly: Do you want the place to yourself?  If you are planning a once in a lifetime event, such as a wedding or anniversary, when you go to a hotel or larger facility, it is open to the public & you will be sharing that space with others.  If you are having a small group, you may want to explore unique spaces in your area that cater to Special Events, such as Museums, Historic Homes or Botanic Gardens, for instance.  You have certain restrictions when choosing places like this, but they do make for beautiful & very special events. 

Make sure you consult professional Event Specialists for their experiences & recommendations for your Very Special Event!