Chicago Live Music Entertainment F.A.Q.

How do I book the Dan Hayes Orchestra?
We have a contract that specifies the date, the times, the location, and the compensation. Also we will require a deposit, with the balance payable the day of the event!
Will the Dan Hayes Orchestra learn a special song?
Despite a huge repertoire, the Dan Hayes Orchestra routinely performs special requests for our clients.
Can we have a meeting with you to discuss various details?
Dan would be glad to meet any client, any time!
Can you supply different types of music during ceremonies cocktails & dinner?
Since 1982 we have provided ceremony music for approximately 1,800 events. The instrumentation varies from strings, trumpets, harps, flutes, piano, bag-pipes and vocalists. During cocktails and dinner, we can supply similar ensembles as well as jazz & novelty groups.
How does the client control the volume of the band?
The Dan Hayes Orchestra never wants to known as a loud band. Playing at the right level starts with a mind-set that the orchestra should have a balanced full sound without over amplifying any instrument or vocal. Our drummer plays with a very light touch…Keyboards, bass & guitar play through small amplifiers…The horns have plexi-glass in front of them to minimize their sound and the entire mix is controlled by our sound engineer who is always carefully controlling the over-all volume. We play especially soft during dinner so that we don’t compete with the conversations of your guests.
Will the band set-up early?
The Dan Hayes Orchestra technicians arrive three hours before your guests to set up the P.A system, the lighting, the bandstands, music etc. If a wedding ceremony is in the same room as dinner and dancing, we will bring in extra personnel so that the set-up is complete in one hour.
How do I hear the Dan Hayes Orchestra?
First you can hear some samples on this website… just click here! For most clients we will mail a complete package which includes a comprehensive CD. Which will has more selections, and then a variety of other musical options…. Cocktail music, dinner music, ceremony music etc. In some cases, we may have an event that you may attend with the consent of the host. Contact the office and we can discuss these options.