Great Live Performance in Chicago


Happy Holidays to any & all reading this today!  It’s a chilly start to the season, but we’re slowly getting used to it.  It certainly doesn’t stop us from getting out & not only working but enjoying ourselves, as well.  A great benefit of living in Chicago, is to support Live Entertainment & Music in the many forms the city has to offer. 

Just the other night, I was treated to our Shakespeare Theater’s production of “The Merry Wives of Windsor”.  As with all their unique performances, they delighted the audience with not only fine acting & comedy, but great costumes, lighting & scenery.  I’ve been a subscriber for many, many years & they never fail to amaze. 

I feel it’s not only a privilege but a responsibility to support the arts in our great city & we do so with subscriptions to the theaters, symphony, opera, as well as the museums.