Happy New Year!

We ended 2013 with a fabulous wedding & a delightful bride, groom & family.  The weather cooperated & everyone had an unforgettable night.  In talking to our Bride, she said “I didn’t care about anything else, but having a fantastic band & my dreams have come true.”  I can’t tell you how many of their friends in their 20’s came up to me & said “I’ve never been to a wedding with live music before!!  This is incredible!!”

I have to admit, when I ask how things are going with some bandleaders, they say “Oh, I had a (expletive) wedding!”  This is an attitude I simply don’t understand.  I love what we do.  I am responsible for a once in a life time event each & every week.  The only other profession as amazing as mine is delivering babies!!  & I don’t have to wear a mask (except possibly at Halloween).  Weddings are always joyful & people come to have a great time & it’s my responsibility to make sure they do.  When you think about it, anyone can walk into a florist & get beautiful flowers, a wonderful restaurant & get great food or an exclusive boutique & buy beautiful clothes, but who gets the chance to experience great live dance music from a fabulous Showband?  Sadly, it’s getting more & more rare. 

Another unique part of a wedding from the perspective of being a host, is that this may be the first event you’ve ever planned that brings together a wide range of age groups.  When you invite someone, it is your responsibility as host to try & engage them in all aspects of the night.  You wouldn’t ask your aunt to a party & feed everyone but her!  It’s exactly the same with the music.  You need to make sure everyone hears something they like to dance to. There’s nothing more rewarding to a Bandleader, than to look out & see all ages on the dance floor having a great time.

So my hope for the new year for anyone reading this, is a 2014 filled with love, fun & laughter, which just happens to be my job!!