Holiday Entertainment!

It (can be) the most wonderful time of the year!  Even though we sometimes have to contend with our Chicago weather.  As we put away the remaining summer clothes (we never know, do we?!?), check to see if we have one pair of matching gloves & bring out the heavy coats, we must also think about Holiday Entertainment, both at home & in the office.

When you’re considering what type of Entertainment would work best for your office, here are a few perimeters we need to know:  1.  How many guests do you expect?  2.  Is this a sit down luncheon/dinner or an openhouse/reception?  3.  Are spouses invited?  4.  Is it open to Clients or meant as a networking resource?  All these items are important in what type of Entertainment we would recommend.

If there’s dancing, of course we would recommend one of our fantastic Bands!  In a social situations where there are lots of people who don’t know each other, having a Band that’s as much fun to watch as to dance to, makes the event fun for the outgoing & shy.  When you use one of our outstanding Show Bands, the party begins on stage & infuses your guests.

If you want networking or are having a lower key event, then we have a multitude of choices for you to consider, such as Handwriting Analysts, Caricature Artists, Magicians, ac capella pgroups, etc etc  We have hundreds of incredibly talent performers to choose from!