How important is the Right Music for your Wedding Reception? Maybe THE most important element!

I talk to Brides & Grooms everyday.  For the majority of them, their Wedding Reception is the first major social event they’ve ever planned.  In fact, if they’re in their 20’s (which most of them are) they may have only attended two or three Wedding Receptions in their lives.  Now, they’re planning a “once in a lifetime” event.  It’s a daunting prospect for most, especially as you don’t get a second chance!  So many variables combine to make a great party.  You need to choose a beautiful dress, the perfect venue, gorgeous flowers & just the right menu.  Put them all together & you’re set for a great party!  But what happens if all these things are in place & your guests leave early in the evening?!?  This can happen: with the wrong music. 

When you dream of your perfect night, do you see all your guests, standing on the dance floor at the end of the evening, yelling for more?  No one is looking at the flowers, thinking about the food or admiring the chair covers: they want to party.  What makes that happen?  Not just the music, but the RIGHT music.  When you hire professional musicians to perform at your party, their musical talents are just one part of what’s needed to make your party happen.  Choosing the songs that appeal to the broadest range of ages at your party, pacing the evening, creating an irresistible dance atmosphere is a art form.  This takes a tremendous amount of experience & skill.  Do you want to put your party in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing?  You don’t get a second chance.