The View from the Stage.

Last Saturday night, we performed on Soldier Field.  Yes, ON the field, not in the Stadium Club, as we usually do.  Our music was for the Make A Wish Foundation, as we have had the privilege of doing, for many years now.  They had a huge tent set up, fabulous lighting, sports style snacks & our Band to entice their guests to finish out the night dancing, after being treated to Comedian Seth Meyers.  Over the years, they’ve had a star-studded line up, helping to raise money for this wonderful organization.

I stood on the field, looking up at the empty seating surrounding me & thought about dreams.  How many football players stood where I was, realizing their own dreams come true.  They were there, doing what they did best & being recognized for it, being paid to do it.  Then, I thought of all the children who would benefit from the money generated from Make A Wish & have a special dream come true.

It’s a unique perspective, standing on the field, looking up.  Most of us have attended a professional game & watched many on television.  The stadium looks so huge from your seat in the last section or the easy chair of your living room.    Yet, from the field, it’s surprisingly small, somehow attainable. 

In our professional career, we’ve performed on the stages of the Chicago Theater, The Allstate Arena, the Opera House, Symphony Hall, the Erie Crown Theater, the House of Blues, the United Center, Navy Pier, the Celebrate State Street stage, Taste of Chicago & all the major museums in the city.  It never fails to fill me with pride, to stand on these stages & look up, knowing that we are doing what we do best & being honored for the incredible talent that makes up our Band. 

& there’s no doubt my dream has come true.