What is everyone listening to & the music that moves feet.

As a Bandleader, I have spent my entire professional career analyzing music & it’s effect on an event.  Technology has irrevocably changed not only the availability of music, but the infinite variety & accessibility, all at the touch of a key on your telephone or the keyboard that sits all day in front of most of us.  We used to all have common sources to develop our taste in music: from what our parents or family members listened to, from what our friends listened to, what was taught in music class in school, at private music lessons, from the radio, television, live concerts & record collections.  All these sources still exist, but the internet has opened a galaxy sized window of choice.  Sometimes it’s overwhelming to have SO many choices.  It’s certainly overwhelmed the Music Industry. 

As a Bandleader & someone that has to get as many people out on the dance floor for as long as possible, I have to know not only what is popular, but what works, what is passe & what never fails.  Within that context, we are hired to do many different functions.  We can do an entire night of just Big Band music, just Rock ‘N Roll, all 50’s-60’s, just 70’s/Disco as well as just contemporary music.  Within each of these formats, is “the Best of” dance music & the “only play under extreme circumstances” songs.  What do all of these possible formats have in common?  The fact that the combination of songs chosen & properly paced, create a Great Party.  

The important thing to remember, is that when planning a function, think about what you want the music to do for your event.  The music should be fun, entertaining & engage the most people there.  Isn’t that ultimately what everyone wants for their event?