Why do you want LIVE music at your event?

Every client I talk to, whether it is for a Corporate Event or for a Wedding, has to decide: do I want to invest in a Band?  It’s an important economic question, to be sure.  Often times, it is a perception problem, based on your own experience.  Have you ever been to an event with a great band?  If you say “no”, then it is our job to help you understand how great your party can be, when you have an incredible Band. 

A good analogy might be the difference between watching television & going to a Broadway Musical.  When you see incredibly talented people on stage, it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement.  A professional musician has studied their instrument or art for an average of FIFTEEN years.  Most of them for a lot longer.  A majority of them teach music as well.  It’s one of the few professions that completely immerses your life.  When you are not performing, your attending performances! This is love & dedication.  It’s unlike most any profession.   

If you have a 10 piece band at your event, you have an aggregate of one hundred & fifty years of experience.  It’s the kind of experience you would like if having a heart transplant.  You want your event in the hands of professionals.  Is it worth the money?  You need to ask yourself:  do I want an event I will never forget?  Do I want a party that everyone talks about for years?  Do I want my guests to say “That was the BEST party I’ve ever gone to!!”  If you say “yes”, then invest in the best.